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China Panda Tour provides various choices to meet different needs for you about Panda. No matter you want to see them in their enclosures, or help take care of them, we are responsible for your special memory with pandas!

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China Panda Tour, based in Chengdu, China, has provided travel service to thousands of global visitors for their dream trip in China. We are committed to creating amazing travel time that customers can treasure for a lifetime. We are good at tailor-making ideal itineraries for small groups as family, friends, couple, single traveler and enterprises with personalized needs, interests and budgets. We are seriously concerned about the real needs of each guest,  serving our clients with best highlights and high quality of China tours. We will make sure that our guests are taken good care during the journey in China. By choosing China Panda Tour, you can get rid of endless shopping in factories, and return to the pure pleasure of travel. We want our visitors back home with amazing memories that in China, to find a long-lost touch, to enrich life experience, to let the soul get moisten. Say goodbye to sameness, China Panda Tour is ready for your trip in ancient and splendid China! 

Top Popular China Tour Packages


12-Day China Essence





16-Day China Highlights


Chongqing→Yangtze River Cruise→Yichang





14-Day Nature Roam






20-Day Retrace the Silk Road







16-Day Charming China


Chongqing→Yangtze River Cruise→Yichang





26-Day China Wonders






Popular China Destinations

China is a vast country with lots of wonders. Overlooking China's 9.6 million square kilometers of land, China Panda Tour checked through the birth of Chinese civilization, natural scenery, ancient history, colorful ethnic minorities...everywhere of it is as beautiful as brocade. We selected some most representative destinations for you to learn an authentic China. Have limited time? Just a pass-by or transit in some city? It's all fine. China Panda Tour always provide services to those who spend only half day in Xi'an to meet the Terracotta soldiers, or even stay in Chengdu for only 5 hours to see the Giant Panda! You can also go for an in-depth travel in one or two places, or if you want to see as many destinations as possible, just let us know your requirements, we will offer you the schedule with each site's essence. 



China is vast and divese.Travel according to your own interst and pace

China is vast and divese.Travel according to your own interst and pace


We have carefully designed different and attractive tourism themes for you to choose from. You can learn more by clicking on the link below.

Rooted in China, we are experienced in tailor-made China trips for global visitors. Just send your idea about China tour to us, China Panda Tour will design a special trip for you!

In specific cities & areas, China Panda Tour supplies sit-in-coach tours that are only for foreigners. Interested? Contact us to get more information.

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Focus on Customization

Focus on China tour customization for small groups of single traveler, couple, friends and family. Our professional and experienced team is devoting all love to our clients with pursuit of perfection.

Exclusive Service

Our 1 on 1 travel consultant will make suggestions & design the itinerary according to your personalized needs, specific route and budget. When you come, our consultant shall take care of your trip, helping solve all the troubles and trifles.

Authentic Experience

China Panda Tour is always committed  to unlock the real China for our guests. For us, China is not a simple destination, but to lead travelers to grow up with an attitude of deep cultivation of the world. 

Safe Travel

China Panda Tour guarantee that for any problems happened in the line of booked items, you can get 24-hour service. All suppliers are carefully selected by us. You just need to enjoy your journey.




We strictly protect your personal information privacy security. During the whole trip you will be escorted by private tour guide and driver. The trip is completely in accordance with your rhythm.


Facing massive online strategies but don't know where to start? Want to travel to China but have no idea how to manage? No worry, China Panda Tour is by your side. No matter you are travelling alone, or with friends, family, lover, or on business trip, there is always a way to reach your dream trip. You can check our different categories in destinations, themes, gateway cities or go "customize China trip" page directly, China Panda Tour shall provide the most reliable local, funny, in-depth travel, help you get rid of troubles and just go.