China Tour Packages for 2022/2023

From south to north, from spring to summer, autumn to winter

From the city to the countryside, from the mountains to the sea

China is so big, China is so beautiful...

Tour a landscape, find an experience

In the experience, discover an enlightment...

If you haven't been to China, you won't know China is so magnificent!

All our trips can be customized according to your number of travelling persons, time, budget and interest. China Panda Tour's professional and experienced travel consultants will provide you with one-to-one trip tailor-made services.

Whether you have arranged your schedule or not, we are ready to welcome you! The following is some reference itinerary carefully prepared by China Panda Tour, so that you can find the best travel inspiration.

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Silk Road



China Tours from Gateway Cities

      You may travel to China from America, Europe, Australia, other countries in Asia or Africa, and there are varieties of international flights connecting you and China. In the past, Beijing, Shanghai and HongKong were the most frequently gateway cities chosen by our visitors. In recent years, as personalized needs become diversified, actually our tours can start from any city you want as more and more international airline routes are in use. Don't assume you're restricted to the main hubs, you can fly directly to Chengdu to see the Pandas, or enter Tibet from Jilong border which adjacent to Nepal. That’s what we are good at, to tailor-make itinerary specially for our guests.


The political and cultural center of China, the second largest city in China. It is a world famous ancient capital and a modern international metropolis with 6 world heritage sites and a history of more than 3,000 years.

The capital city of PRC

China Tours from Beijing

Giant Panda's hometown, Chengdu, the "land of abundance" with lots of tourism resources, and also the city of leisure, gastronomy, is an important entry of routes to Tibet, Yunnan and Guizhou. 

Largest city of southwest China

China Tours from Chengdu

A prosperous international metropolis which is China's economy, transportation, science, industry, finance, trade, exhibition and shipping center. It has convenient transportation connection to any other cities of China.  

China's largest city

China Tours from Shanghai

Break the normal routine and think out of box! You can choose any city of China as your port of entry. Nowadays HongKong, Kunming, Guangzhou etc are all good choices according to your international flights. 

Any city you want.

China Tours from.........


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