Take photos for the pandas

Take photos for the pandas

Find family happiness in nature with the lovely pandas.

Glorious Great Wall

Glorious Great Wall

One who does not reach the Great Wall is not a hero----by an old saying of Chinese

Terracotta soldiers

Terracotta soldiers

Learn Chinese history with sightseeing to historical sites.

Family Tours in China

The important role of family tour in promoting emotional communication, improving family happiness and parent-child education have been highly recognized by the general public. In 2015, data from the British family vacation association showed that 49% of respondents believed that their happiest memories were holidays with their families. A third of respondents said they still remembered family trips from their childhood. One in four people can rely on these memories to get through difficult times in their lives. China Panda Tour has long been aware that the ultimate happiness of family travel should be that all the members enjoy the experience. We have carefully designed some China tour packages for you to choose - no matter you are traveling with your parents, your kids, or the three generations. Till now China Panda Tour has provided travel services to thousands of families from overseas, for them the trip to China is once in a lifetime and would be reminded in memory forever...

*China Family Tours

The following routes are the hot packages to help you tailor your own family tour. Or you can tell us directly what you would like, China Panda Tour's experienced travel consultant are waiting to create a memorable family tour to suit your preferences.


Leisure pace

With China's highlights

From: US$ 1,463p/p

Shanghai,Yangtze River,



DIY Opportunities

From: US$ 1,628p/p


Happy vacation

With China's highlights

From: US$ 1,762p/p



Leisure & Relax

History & Culture

From: US$ 1,561p/p



All ages suitable

China's classic landscape

From: US$ 1,123p/p


All ages suitable

China's essential sites

From: US$ 1,495p/p



*Inspirations for Family Tours in China

As a vast country with long history, diverse kinds of natural landform and colorful ethnic minorities, China is exactly a perfect destination for family tours because of its variety can meet different members' needs. Here are some inspirations for your reference when you are planning a family tour to China. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas. China Panda Tour will help you gain a satisfactory trip as well as deeper emotion with your relatives.

Three Generations


Safe & Comfortable

It is a happy thing for the whole family to travel in China. China Panda Tour's moderate pace and relax tour packages will help you enjoy a rare moment together and ensure comfort level of each members in the family.

Parents & Teenagers

student tour 1.jpg

Education & Entertainment

China is an ideal travel destination for families made up of parents and teenagers. By visiting places of historic interest and joining DIY programs, parent-kid relationship enhanced, and for children, more knowledge absorbed naturally in the vacation.

Parents & Young Kids


Easy & Satisfy Curiosity

You might think China is too far and big to go with your young kids. In fact, China Panda Tour accepts many young kids come to China every year, they enjoy their family trip very much. With our escorted tour guide and vehicle service, you won't be exhausted.


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