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Traditional Craft in East China 8-Day Trip

As an ancient country owning a history of more than 5,000 years, China possesses kinds of traditional craftsmanship standing as distinctive symbols of Chinese culture. Living scene of making things in old way is perhaps the most tangible manifestation of intangible cultural heritage. This tour, including Yixing’s pottery, Jingxian County’s paper-making and Jingdezhen’s porcelain, is a perfect Illustration to the Chinese traditional craftsmanship.


*Yixing County: the center of Chinese teapot production since the Song Dynasty
*Search for the production of Xuan Paper, which has been widely used for Chinese calligraphy and painting
*Jingdezhen: a Mecca for ceramic artists, ceramic lovers and anyone interested in visiting China


- Tour code: CPT-HT-04

- Price: from $814 p/p

- Tour type: private tour

- Departure date: flexible

- Travel route: Shanghai - Yixing - Xuancheng -

                           Jingdezhen - Huangshan -                                       Shanghai

- Trip length: 8 Days 7 nights

 Detailed itinerary:


In the morning be greeted by your local guide and driver in Shanghai at the hotel, and then transfer to Yixing City in Jiangsu Province in about 3 hours. Yixing is regarded as the capital of pottery in China, and it owns a ceramic history of more than 7,000 years.


Have lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon, go for a tour in Yixing Dragon Kiln. The ancient kiln, patterned like a dragon lying on the ground, is located in Dingshu Town of Yixing City. With a full length of about 48.6 meters, the old kiln was built in Ming Dynasty. It burns some 7,000 porcelain embryo monthly at present, with firewood consumption of about 6 tons.


Drive back to downtown Yixing, check into hotel. In the evening you are free on own to explore this water town facing Taihu Lake in the east.

Shanghai - Yixing , visit Yixing Dragon Kiln


Local pottery factory, Yixing Museum of Pottery


Clay teapots from in Yixing are an indispensable accessory for tea drinkers throughout China. Today you will have the chance to see the demo of teapots making. Be sent to the pottery factory, you will be certainly amazed at the magical workmanship of those vessels and containers with different styles. Usually small, squat, and brown, fine craftsmanship and special materials make the teapots ideal vessels for making tea. The fired clay is uniquely able to bring out the flavors of tea leaves during brewing. Since the clay is absorbent, unlike porcelain or metal, some of the flavor is absorbed into the pot during each brewing. This gives the tea a richer and mellower flavor. After using a pot for many times, the pot itself can flavor boiling water without adding any fresh tea leaves!


In the afternoon, transfer to Yixing Museum of Pottery to see some masterpieces treasured up in the hall. There are also some studios and galleries, displaying different types of pottery products. 

After the tour, return to hotel.


In the morning, drive from Yixing to Xuancheng City in about 3 hours. Xuan Paper from Anhui Province, Jing County, is one of the four treasures of the Chinese study. Jing County was called Xuan Zhou during the Tang Dynasty. On arrival in Jing County, pay a visit to the local paper-making factory where the old ways of producing Xuan Paper are used. Xuan Paper is the world famous paper noted for its resistance to aging and deterioration. The production of the world-renowned "Xuan" paper began in the Tang Dynasty. It is made from green ebony tree and spring water with special technique passed from generation to generation, and is still the best and irreplaceable paper for its soft, white, smooth and absorbent characteristics. Paintings done on it hundreds of years ago still retain their original splendor till today. These special features of "Xuan" paper are particularly suitable for bringing out the attraction and spirit of Chinese painting, surpassing all paper made with modern technique.


After the tour,  check into the hotel and have a good rest.

Yixing - Xuancheng, visit the local paper-making factory


After breakfast, visit the Paper-making Museum to see the demonstrations of different steps of making Xuan Paper in traditional way.


Then transfer to Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province. En route, have a  stop for local market to learn more about the daily life of residents living in small towns. After about 6 hours’ time on the road, arrive in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China. Jingdezhen is a bustling center of activity, dominated by the ceramic industry. Some inhabitants say that one third of the city of Jingdezhen creates porcelain objects, another one third supplies the logistics and the remaining third provide the support infrastructure, such as schools, government, agencies and professional services.


After checking into the hotel, you are then free to have leisure time.

Visit Paper-making Museum of Xuancheng City, transfer to Jingdezhen City


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  Meals mentioned in the itinerary;

  Private transfers with professional driver between hotel/attraction/airport/railway station/restaurant as listed in the itinerary;

√  Booking of flight/train/cruise tickets per your preferences;

  Accommodation in each city, hotel level/feature is decided by your choice;

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-- This itinerary can be flexibly adjusted according  to your requests. You can change the order, or extend the tour with more cities or days, or even shorten it with deleting any cities or days. Our professional travel consultant will help you revise the itinerary until suiting your schedule.

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Today firstly visit Sanbao Village, a stage for international ceramic communication which combines art with nature in a harmonious way. There is so much to see, so much to learn and so much to experience. Even the wall is consisted of porcelains and bricks, the ground are full of ceramic slices. Semi-finished bowls could be seen everywhere. You can find artwork like clay pillar, ceramic masks into the wall in this village but nowhere else. They exist as natural as actually this village is a studio for artists from all over the world. Besides ceramic products, the clear stream is running deep into the mountain, better decorates the exquisite village. Your adventure may become an education which will continue for the rest of the life taught by local masters. You can also pay on spot to make a ceramic product yourselves in Sanbao Village.


Transfer back to the hotel in the afternoon. Evening free on own to explore Jingdezhen City.

Sanbao International Ceramic Art Village


Another full-day excursion in Jingdezhen. The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen is an international ceramics center focusing on the development and enrichment of ceramics in China and abroad. It is the most comprehensive place servicing hundreds of artists of all skill levels and geographic location. Clay producers, throwers, sculptors, mold makers, blue and white decorators, glaze shops, public kilns, brush makers, blacksmiths, and box makers are only a sampling of the craftsmen working in the community. In the morning, stroll in this international workshop which offers a unique experience found nowhere else in the world.


After lunch, pay a visit to the Jingdezhen Sculpture Factory, which is established in 1956 and located 6 kilometers away from downtown Jingdezhen. The factory is about 110 thousand square meters. Over 1,300 workers are engaged to porcelain industry here, including a national ceramic art master, 2 Jiangxi Provincial ceramic art master, 36 high standard craftsmen. It is considered to have one of the largest groups of master craftsmen of any sculpture factory.


In the late afternoon you will be sent back to the hotel.

Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen Sculpture Factory


After breakfast, go and see the Tianbao Dragon Kiln in the suburb area. Tianbao Dragon Kiln is one of bank kilns still exist in China. It is about 60 meters in length, using local timber as the fuel. Tianbao Dragon Kiln’s typical product is the vat. According to different temperature when heating, the products from the bank kiln will have a unique effect after firing. In addition, the handmade big cylinder technology in Tianbao is also a folk technique passed down from generation to generation.


Say goodbye to Tianbao Dragon Kiln, and then head for Yaoli Town, a famous place as its natural scene and also the age-old ceramic civilization of Jingdezhen area. Yaoli town is located in the area of the mountains at the border between Anhui and Jiangxi Province, the center of the town is in the valley. You may encounter with some ancient mining pits and ceramic workshops when walking along the local-style dwelling houses as a relaxation.


In the afternoon, end the excursion and be transferred to Huangshan City. Check into hotel for rest.

Tianbao Dragon Kiln, Yaoli Old Town, transfer to Huangshan


Today you will have a 4 to 5 hours’ driving from Huangshan to Shanghai. Be sent back to the hotel in Shanghai downtown area or the airport, end this memorable trip!

Huangshan - Shanghai, Shanghai Departure