Potala Palace

Potala Palace

A magnificent collection of palaces, castles and monasteries with the highest sea level in the world

Buddhism Masters in a Monastery

Buddhism Masters in a Monastery

An intense Buddhism debate is on the go

Yamdrok Holy Lake

Yamdrok Holy Lake

A part of the life-spirit in Tibetan people

Tibet Dream

Once upon a time, Tibet has become a dream place in many tourists' mind. It seems that some people love Tibet for no reason, while some love it for hundreds of reasons. Tibet has always been far away, so far away that it only exists in a dream, in a love poem of Cangyang Gyatso, and like the ethereal white clouds in the sky, its mysterious charm is beyond reach. Tibet owns unattainable mystery, temples and scriptures, belief soul, breathtaking landscapes, all of which added its charm. No journey satisfies the eye, the body and the soul, but Tibet does. The most beautiful scenery in China is in Tibet, and the most beautiful scenery in Tibet is on the road...

Tibet is situated on the most mysterious plateau of the world. It is a sacred place that one should not miss. People living on the plateau are blessing for all beings, they chant Buddhist scripture, turn prayer wheel, and kowtow every day, day after day, year after year...The landscape and the faith make Tibet a mysterious place that all the people long for contacting, understanding and embracing it.

*Tibet Tour Packages

Tibet is rich in tourism resources, the grand and magnificent Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple worshiped by believers at anytime, lively Barkhor Street, the world's highest peak Mount.Everest, the sacred lake Namtso...Tibet has become a unique tourist destination, for many tourists that traveling to Tibet is irreplaceable. Try your best to be as Tibetans in Lhasa with local people to walk on the streets, learn simple Tibetan. Listen to the sacred mountain Mt.Kailash's legend, or just pass by a temple, hearing the monks murmur of texts, with sincere heart worship prayer. Maybe you would find that you are missing Tibetan food and tea just after your leave...Below Tibet tour packages are top popular in China Panda Tour's guests. You can ask for a private tour or join in a small group of foreigners!

Holy Lhasa City Tour - 4 Days


Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Jorkhang Temple & Sera Monastery, all essence of Lhasa is in...

Tibet westwards to Nepal (Gyirong Border) - 7 Days

After over 2 years' close, you can travel by road from Lhasa to Kathmandu now!

Discover Tibet's Holy Mountains and Lakes Adventure - 10 Days  


A magic tour takes you back to find the mystery of ancient Tibetan cultures... 

Mt.Kailash & Lake Manasarovar Worship Tour - 15 Days 


Go like a pilgrim to the holy land in your mind, matched with sightseeing and trekking.

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*Top Things to Do in Tibet


Visit Potala Palace

That day,


I shut my eyes in the mist of the sutra,


Suddenly I hear the truth in your hymn;


That month,


I shake all my prayer canisters,


Not for salvation,


Just to touch your fingertips;


That year,


i prostrate on the mountain road,


Not for presentation,


Just to stick with your warmth;


The life time,


Circle the mountains, waters, stupas,


Not for the afterlife,


Only to meet you on the way.

You must have heard of Tshangs-dbyangs-rgya-mtsho's love poem. As the 6th Dalai Lama, he left so many mysteries. You can walk into the Potala Palace where he lived to find his footprints. When you come to Tibet, you should not miss taking photos of the Potala Palace. Yaowang Mountain on the side of the Potala Palace is the best location to take photos of it. It is also the shoot angle of  RMB 50 Yuan. 


Turn around Jokhang Temple in Barkhor Street

Jokhang Temple, also known as "Zulakang" and "Juekang" (in Tibetan means Buddhist Temple), is located in the center of Lhasa old city. Jokhang Temple is the most brilliant existing architecture of the Tubo period in Tibet, and the earliest civil structure architecture in Tibet. A circle around the outer wall of Jokhang Temple is called "Ba Kuo", and the street outside the Jokhang Temple is called "Ba Kuo Street", that is, Barkhor Street. Barkhor Street is the oldest street in Lhasa, used to be a single turning road around Jokhang Temple. According to Tibetan Buddhism, the clockwise circumnavigation around Jokhang Temple is regarded as "transiting", which means to worship the Buddha statue of Sakyamuni enshrined in Jokhang Temple and is one of the famous three transiting routes in Lhasa. Today Barkhor Street is both a turning road and a shopping corridor full of ethnic characteristics. It is a whole old urban area with a strong flavor of Tibetan life. Streets of stone-lined Tibetan-style buildings mostly retain their original looks, and the ground is paved with hand-beaten stone slabs. You can also feel the mystery of religion from the one-knock piety, or enjoy a cup of Tibetan sweet tea under the sunshine of Tibet plateau.


Overlook Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake, according to the legend, is the incarnation of the celestial fairy, a holy lake where Yixi Cuojie saves lives, and a sacred lake where the gods make the spiritual meaning of the reincarnation of Dalai Lama. Yamdrok Lake is on the way from Lhasa to Shigatse that when you travel to Mt.Everest, you should not miss. On the map, Yamdrok Lake is shaped like a goat standing on a high mountain looking back, or a scorpion with its claws held high, or an earring mounted on the mountain's ear wheel. Yamdrok Lake, Namtso and Lake Manasarovar are known as three sacred lakes in Tibet. In Tibetan people's mind, it is regarded as a "turquoise eardrop scattered by a goddess". It's a magnificent sight worth your visiting.


Taste Tibetan Traditional Food

Tibetan meal mainly includes Zanba, butter tea, beef and mutton, barley wine and different varieties of dairy products. When you are in Tibet, be sure to experience the traditional Tibetan cuisine of buttered tea, sweet tea and beef noodles. Find a teahouse in the bustling streets of Tibet, drink a cup of pure Tibetan tea, and then bathe in the warm sunshine of the plateau. When you go to Lhasa, you must drink a cup of sweet tea on the street. How pleasant it is to sit on a bench in the sun with a bowl of sweet tea in the street.


Visit Namtso Lake

As one of Tibet's three holy lakes, Namsto Lake is with an altitude of 4,700 meters. It is the largest lake with the highest altitude in the world. In this famous blue heaven, you can see the purest blue sky and lake water. Walking around the lake can make people's mood become quiet. 


Be Presented Hada

Hada is a kind of silk fabric used by Tibetan people for ritual, and it is the most popular gift for people of any class of Tibetans. Offering Hada is a fine traditional custom of Tibetan people, and generations of people regard it as the highest ceremony, which symbolizes a heart of gold.


Watch a Buddhism Debate in Sera Monastery

When traveling to Tibet, you must visit Sera Monastery to see a wonderful debate. The debate activities here are absolutely very special, attracting majority of visitors to watch. Be sure to go to a local temple and listen to the Buddhist sutra and watch the debate again. You may understand more of the meaning of life.


Worship Lake Manasarovar & Mt.Kailash in Ali area

Where's Ali?


Western of Tibet, with the highest altitude on average and the furthest geographical location, Ali is rich in history and culture. For most people, it seems out of reach, but the mystery of it is fascinating. Nature changed Ali's main colors to yellow, blue, and white, like a palette accidentally knocked over, forming a beautiful Tibetan landscape. Sacred mountains and lakes situate naturally here. "The center of the world," Mt.Kailash is like a throne standing still under the vast sky, which is the ultimate destination for pilgrims. Tibetans believe that to revolve Mt.Kailash for one circle can wash all life, and to revolve it for ten times can spare the pain of the hell, to revolve it for 108 times one can be enlighten and become a Buddha. Mt.Kailash has long been a mecca for pilgrims and explorers, but no one has ever climbed it, or dared to touch the holy center of the world. Lake Manasarovar, one of the three sacred lakes of Tibet, presents the clearest fresh water lake in China. Gentle and quiet, like a blue tear, dropped into this barren land. It is said that Lake Manasarovar is the holiest lake, of which the holy water can cleanse the mind of people's troubles and misdeeds. It is the oldest and most sacred place among all holy places of Bon religion, Indian Buddhism and Hinduism, regarded as the perfect lake in the heart, the true heaven in the universe, the Shangri-la of gods and the paradise of all things. Hinduism says it is the home of the Lord Shiva.


Travel to Shigatse

Shigatse, now the second largest city in Tibet is an ancient city with a history of more than 600 years. Shigatse, which means "best manor" in Tibetan, has an average altitude of 3,836 meters. It is the political, religious and cultural center of "the inside of Tibet" in history, and also the residence of Panchen in previous dynasties.

Here rivers crisscrossed, snowy peaks stretching, lakes dotted, famous mountains and holy water refeltc each other, constitute a magnificent natural picture. 

There is Tashilhunpo Monastery, one of the six great Gelug monasteries;

There is the world's highest peak, Mount Qomolangma; 

There is gully primeval forest scenery;

 There is a dense network of rivers and lakes dominated by the Yarlung Zangbo River, the river with highest sea level in the world;

There are huge glaciers with snow all year round;

There are rich mineral deposits, mineral springs, solar energy and other resources; 

There is a great variety of animal and plant resources;

There are ancient fossils and sites that have witnessed great changes in various historical periods. There is a splendid folk culture here...

To walk into Shigatse is to walk into a history museum, a religious exhibition hall, inevitably arousing your associations and feelings.


Once in a lifetime pilgrim to Mt.Everest

Mount.Qomolangma (also known as Mount.Everest), the main peak of the Himalayan mountains, the highest mountain in the world, is located on the border of Nepal and northern Tingri County, Tibet, China. While Mt.Everest Base Camp is at the east slope of Mt,Everest, sited in Qodang Township of Tingri. 

In Tibetan, "Qomo" means goddess, and "langma" means the third.Because there are four peaks near Mount.Qomolangma and it ranks the third. Mt.Everest Base Camp is set up to protect the core area of Mt.Qomolangma. It is one of the best places to view and photograph Mt.Everest. You may not be able to climb the Everest, but you can come to Everest Base Camp. On the way from Shigatse to Mt.Everest, you will pass by Qomolangma viewing platform, which is 5,200 meters above sea level. Looking south from here, you can see Mount.Qomolangma and other snow-capped mountains up to 8,000 meters high. When you travel to EBC, some of the experiences would be unforgetable like watching the stars in the sky at Everest Base Camp, enjoying the sunshine or sunset of Mt.Everest, sending out a postcard at the highest post office in the world,and staying overnight for once at the Everest tent at the foot of Everest.You will also visit Rongbuk Monastery, the highest temple in the world with an altitude of 5,150 meters. There is no permanent buildings in EBC, so the accommodation is temporary tents without toilets or hot water, an memorable journey of life. 



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