Unparalleled Red Stone in Yajiageng

Unparalleled Red Stone in Yajiageng

Mysterious Tibetan Buddhism

Mysterious Tibetan Buddhism

Lost Horizon Daocheng Yading

Lost Horizon Daocheng Yading

Last Shangri-la

Western Sichuan - A Hidden World with Marvelousness

 Western Sichuan, in the past refers to Chengdu Plain. But now it names a large area including Ganzi and Aba, the Tibetan region of Sichuan Province. Twice the size of the United Kingdom, Sichuan is such a versatile region of China. It seems to change every time you move away from Chengdu. The town of Kangding, Taoping Qiang Villages, Four Girls Mountain, Hailuogou Valley, Red Stone Park, Nine Bends of Yellow River, Tagong Grassland, Xindu Bridge....climbing up the mountains, the air becomes thinner, the landscape changes and you get the feeling that you are entering the frontier of another world. While you decide to go, just be prepared to encounter the masterpiece of the Nature. 

*Western Sichuan Tour Packages

Western Sichuan, the western part of Sichuan Province as the name suggests, is sparsely populated with beautiful natural scenery. It has a wide range of grasslands, rivers, densely covered lakes and towering snow mountains, pursuit by travelers from all over the world. Tibetan belief culture in western Sichuan is very profound, which can be said to be the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism. When you stand on the top of the mountain or drive across the mountains, Buddhist prayers are always shining in the sunshine. There are many many places good to go in western Sichuan, and China Panda Tour, as a travel agency rooted in Sichuan, has selected the most essence and well-organized ones for you.

Mt.Four Girls and Daocheng Yading overland - 6 Days


Travel to the last pure land on earth, worshiping the holy mountains.

Wolong Panda, Mt.Four Girls & Danba Trip - 4 Days


A well designed trip inclusive of pandas, snow mountains, lakes and watchtowers. 

Hailuogou Snow & Glacier World, Red Stone Park - 3 Days


Too see the 1000 meters long Great Ice Fall and mysterious red stones. 

Western Sichuan Panorama overland trip - 9 Days


China's most imposing scenery - masterpieces of landscape in Western Sichuan.

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Tagong Grassland

Tagong Grassland is located in Tagong Town, Kangding City, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province. It is  113 kilometers away from Kangding City and 3,730 meters above the sea level. It is the most famous grassland in Ganzi. There are famous "Tagong Temple" and "Yala Snow Mountain" in Tagong Grassland. Tagong Temple, literally "relief at a glance", is one of the famous temples of Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism. With a history of more than 1,000 years, it is one of the holy places for Tibetan people to worship in Kangba area. Yala snow mountain is one of the well known great snow mountains in Kangba area. According to ancient Tibetan books, Yala Snow Mountain is the "second shambhala". The so-called shambhala is the place where the immortals live. It is the ideal state in the minds of Tibetans. Taking "Muya golden pagoda" as the foreground to photograph the Yala Snow Mountain will create works of infinite charm.


Yading National Park in Daocheng

Yading National Park, located in Yading Village, Shangri-la (Riwa) Town, Daocheng County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, is mainly composed of three sacred mountains -- "Xiannairi, Yangmaiyong, Xianuo duoji" and surrounding rivers, lakes and alpine meadows. Its landscape maintains a kind of purity that is nearly extinct on earth, thanks to its unique landform and pristine natural scenery. Known as "the soul of Shangri-la" and "the lost horizon", it is also known as "the last pure land on the watery blue planet" by international travelers. In Yading, there are not only the magnificent and sacred snow mountains, but also the vast meadow, the colorful forest and the clear blue lakes. Almost all the most beautiful things in the snow plateau converge here, make you linger.


Xinduqiao, or Xindu Bridge

Xinduqiao is an attractive "photography paradise". Located at the fork point of National Way 318 south line and north line, Xinduqiao is a picturesque wonderland with magical light, boundless prairie, winding streams, golden poplars and rolling mountains. Cows and sheep scattered among the Tibetan stockade, grazing peacefully... The landscape in the west of Sichuan is beautifully blooming. This is Xindu Bridge, fascinating "world of light and shadow", "photographer's paradise".


Lithang, the city on the highest sea level in the world

Litang County, situates in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, is known as the "Plateau Pearl" because of its high altitude. When you travel through Lithang, you should not miss Haizi Mountain and Lithang Monastery.

Haizi Mountain, namely "mountain of lakes". The entire mountain plain is filled with 1,145 alpine lakes (haizi), which is the densest in China. Haizi mountain is 4,500 meters above the sea level on average, and its highest peak is 5,020 meters above the sea level. This mountain is one of the easiest mountains to climb in Gongga Mountain area, with convenient access, clear routes and few crevasses. Photographers love to shoot here. 

Lithang Monastery, built in 1580 AD by the 3rd Dalai Lama, is also named Changqing Chunker Monastery, meaning Maitreya-Holy Wheel Temple in Tibetan. Changqing Chunke'er means the wheel of transmigration turns unceasingly and fine truth will exist forever. It is now the largest Gelu Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism with the longest history in Kham region.  


Hailuogou National Park

Hailuogou is the nearest and most accessible large low-altitude modern glacier in the world. Hailuogou is located in Moxi Town, Luding County of Kangding, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Gongga Mountain, a very high mountain on the eastern margin of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is regarded as the King of mountains in Sichuan. Located at the foot of Gongga snow peak, Hailuogou is famous for its low altitude modern glaciers. Especially the unparalleled ice waterfall, which is more than 1,000 meters high and 1,100 meters wide, is more than 10 times larger than the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou Province. As the highest ice waterfall ever found in China, the great ice waterfall of Hailuogou is magnificent and extraordinary. Hailuogou is the easternmost low-altitude modern glacier discovery site in Asia, with an altitude of 2,850 meters. it


China Red Stone Park, Yajiageng in Kangding

The world's only red rock (covered with a red algae that grows only in unpolluted places) valley. Yajiageng is located in the area of Gongga Mountain, between Kangding City and Moxi Town. It's at the northern part of the east slope of Gongga Mountain, upstream of Yajiageng River, being a dazzling pearl at the foot of Gongga Mountain. In this largest red stone park of China, red stones are all over the hills and fields.


Sertar Larong Wuming Buddhist Academy

Sertar Larong Wuming Buddhist Academy boasts the largest Buddhist college in the world. Wuming, literally "five bright", a Buddhism word. Tens of thousands of monks' houses densely covered hillsides, showing the devout faith of the congregation. This is a mountain wonder built by monks who have been practicing here for thousands of years. There are thousands of monks (male practitioners) and gyum (female practitioners) living here, wearing magenta robes, coming and going, everyone's face is quiet and peaceful, as if there is no trouble. Every time there is a Buddhist meeting, the number of Buddhists will increase, up to more than 40,000. 

【About the celestial burial 】

There is a celestial burial platform between the Buddhist college and the town of Sertar. There will be a lot of body odor, but it is a serious occasion and no photos or noise are allowed. If brave enough, you can watch this mysterious ceremony almost everyday from 14:00 to 15:00. 


Siguniang Mountain (Mount Four Girls) 

Known as the "eastern Alps", Siguniang Mountain scenic area is located in Rilong Town of Xiaojin County. Seeing the mountains is only part of sightseeing to the Four Girls Mountain. The beauty of it lies not only in the mountains, but also in lakes, meadows, pastures, Jiarong Tibetan customs and other scenery related to the plateau. The main scenic spots of Siguniang Mountain are three gullies, which are Shuangqiao Gully, Changping Gully and Haizi Gully. The three gullies are all about 3,200 - 3,300 meters above the sea level. Shuangqiao Valley is famous for sightseeing tour, Haizi Valley for adventure tour, while Changping Valley is mainly for ecological tour. 



Danba is the place with the most concentrated and largest number of fortress towers in China. "Oriental Pyramid" -- Damba Ancient Blockhouse group, indicates the fortress towers in Danba are all in wooden and stone structures. The existing fortress towers were firstly built during the Han Dynasty and mostly distributed in Zhonglu and Suopo townships. These ancient blockhouses have various forms, which can be divided into four - corner, five - corner, six - corner, eight - corner and thirteen - corner blockhouses.Soopo is the place with the largest concentration of ancient fortress towers in Danba and even the world, with a total of 84 blockhouses. Suopo town is located beside the Dadu River, about 5 kilometers southeast of Danba County. From a distance, people are amazed by its majestic momentum. Especially at dusk, when watchtowers meet the sunset, the scene is magnificent. 

Jiaju Tibetan village in Danba, "the most beautiful village in China" is also worthy a visit. It is about 8 kilometers away from the county seat. The area of Tibetan village is about 5 square kilometers. Looking ahead, Kapama snow peaks, like a mother opening wide gentle mind, with Jiaju Tibetan House cluster safely lying in her arms. 

Merdor Holy Mountain, the oldest Tibetan sacred mountain of black religion, is the cultural center and symbol of hero and boasts one of the four sacred mountains in Tibetan area. Its altitude is 5,105 meters.

Dangling Scenic Area, with its unique geological, geomorphic and climatic conditions, still keeps the original status of the natural ecosystem since the Quaternary period (2.5 million years till now). At present most of the region has become extinct of rare animals, plants, insects, such as living fossils, becoming a very important geological history museum in the world and species gene pool.


Dege Sutra Printing House

Dege County is one of the three cultural centers in Tibetan areas of China. One reason is that it is the birthplace of King Gesar, the hero of the Gesar epic, which is known as the "Iliad of the east". Another reason is for Dege Sutra Printing House, which enjoys a good reputation in Tibetan areas. Among the three great sutra printing houses (the other two are Lhasa Sutra Printing House in Tibet and Labrang Sutra Printing House in Gansu), Dege printing house's cultural books category is with most extensive and complete in collection, strict in management, exquisite in making and printing and high standard in quality. Meanwhile, there are ancient buildings, murals, comprehensive and effective cultural relics collection and protection, Dege Sutra Printing House is regarded as top priority among the three biggest sutra printing houses. In Dege, northwest of Sichuan Province, there is a Buddhist temple of Sakya sect called Gengqing Temple. Inside Gengqing Temple there is a sutra printing house, Tibetan people call it Dege Parkhang. Its full name is "Tibetan Cultural Treasure House - Dege Tashi Guomang Dharma Treasure House - Sutra Printing House", also known as "Dege Auspicious Wisdon Sutra Printing House". According to the Tibetan book "Dege History Ode", the sutra printing house was founded by Dege's 42nd chieftain Chuji Dambazeren (1689 ~ 1750). Founded in 1729, it has a history of more than 260 years. The total area of Dege Sutra Printing House is about 5,000 square meters, covering an area of nearly 3,000 square meters. Up to now,Dege Sutra Printing House has miraculously preserved more than 220,000 ancient wooden plates, which is a precious heritage of Tibetan, Chinese nation and even the world culture.


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